Aidiean and Flex started their wrestling career 7 years ago. They have been trained in old school and technical wrestling as well as new age wrestling. Both have held several single championships as Cruiserweight and Heavyweight as well as tag team championships for several independant promotions. As Flex is a professional body builder, Aidiean is a power lifter, both wrestlers have combined their wrestling ability and power to form the FNA. FNA has wrestled for various promotions such as MCW, PWE, CCW (Capital City Wrestling),WICW, IWA, NWL, WXW, WWWA, SWO, MSW and many more to come. Many matches include tag team, singles, and hardcore. Both men have wrestled various WWE talent, Gangrel w/Luna, Disco Inferno, Buff Bagwell, Jerry "The King" Lawler, The Rock n Roll Express, Samu and other top talent on the Independants. Together the tag team is known as FNA with their Manager, professional lady wrestler Fantasia they are The Untouchabulz.

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Welcome to the official website of TESTED....BATTLE

BREAKING NEWS:All new and improved FNA website will be up shortly! Flex Fenom featured in the Hagerstown Newspaper 5/3/04. New FNA shirts on the way: "Pray for Peace Prepare for War". FNA became the new MCW, Maximum Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions, 1/24/04.

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Flex Fenom

Member of the Cauliflower Alley Club